New range of TEFRA Quick Hitch Couplers now in stock...

Mon 30/10/2017

We are pleased to announce that we are now stockists of TEFRA Quick Hitch Couplers.

These fully automatic quick couplers provide a simple, yet comprehensive solution.

Manufactured by Hill who are leaders in attachment safety, these couplers offer the following:

> Fits excavators in size classes from 3 to 120 tons.

> Fully compliant with expected forthcoming legislation.

> Is at least two years ahead of its time, making it the safest coupler on the market today.

> TEFRA components are cast, meaning lower weight and higher strength.

The integral primary and secondary safety systems in TEFRA eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects of handling attachments – the risk of attachments coming away completely.

Hill solve this by using a positive locking system rather than a gravity locking system, making the crucial safety feature ‘active’ and not ‘passive’ in the way it works.

For more information contact our sales team of visit the Hill website by clicking on the link on the right.